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The Grand Library at Clevedon Hall
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12th March 2014

Team Building

Clevedon Hall is a fabulous venue to embark on your Team building activity days.

Inside we can host all manner of activities to help teams work together and have a lot of fun. We have a broad range of activity suppliers that can set up here at the Hall with very short notice. Games and fun in a Victorian setting is something really quirky and adds to the experience.

Imagine a fantastic ‘Brandy and Cigars’ lounge suite with incredibly, intricate wood carvings and family crests…then picture if you will, a laser shooting gallery or twin Formula One simulators in the same room! Casino tables to an acrobat in a giant birdcage, indoor fly fishing, giant connect 4 or Jenga.

Outside we have two and a half acres of private, landscaped gardens that have seen inflatable assault courses, soap box ‘design and build’ car racing, geese herding, falconry, treasure hunts and command tasks.

Off site we are lucky to be positioned just 10 minutes from 3 challenging golf courses, Weston Lodge clay shooting centre with remote controlled traps as well as a renowned Paint-balling site and off road buggy racing.

Watersports on the coast go hand in hand of course. Just a mere 800 yards from Clevedon Hall’s front door is the incredible Marlens Lake. Following some significant National lottery funding, the Marlens Lake is now one of the largest salt water contained lakes in the world. We have partnered with the Marlens Lake instructors who will ensure you have a safe, rewarding and unforgettable experience whether it be canoeing or kayaking, sailing or raft building. Activities such as team relays, fetch and retrieve races, canoe or kayak ‘football’ plus many others are all possible. Just remember to bring a spare change of clothes!

Effectively, we have access to all manner of weird and wonderful activities that can truly bring teams together and have a fantastic time. Couple these extensive activity possibilities with Clevedon Hall’s exquisite cuisine and first-class service and you have a very successful event proposition.

Culinary Masterclass

Many activities for Team building are available at Clevedon Hall. One of our most popular offerings is a cookery masterclass with head Chef, Alan Jones.

Having honed his skills in several michelin star kitchens, Chef Alan is happy to share his knowledge and experience with any group that enjoy the satisfaction of preparing a small treat in a team environment.

Generally set up in teams of 4 maximum, Alan will help the team produce a wonderfully sticky cake or some homemade shortbreads which they can consume later that day with afternoon Tea.

The cookery masterclass is perfect for novice cooks as well as more seasoned kitchen stars! There is no Masterchef trophy but we can offer fun, laughs and hopefully tasty treats.

If the team prefer a dinner extravaganza, we can arrange some canape making. These little mouth watering delights are refined and require a more delicate touch. This is where the competitive side of your Team will really show! Whatever you want to attempt, we will arrange a memorable experience for you and enjoy the results of your kitchen prowess!

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