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Accommodation in Clevedon
6th May 2014
Food and Drink
8th May 2014

Exclusive Events Venue

One of the most useful features we can offer our corporate customers is exclusivity. Something that is normally impossible at a traditional hotel. As a venue that is completely focused on such events we can offer clients exclusive use of either specific areas or in many cases the whole building.

This is particularly useful for events that require a lot of concentration with minimal distractions.

Theatre Style Sit-down dinner Stand-up Reception Cabaret
Grand Library 150 124 150 80
Great Hall 130 90 150 60
Orangery 50 30 60 n/a
Dame Rosa Burden 45 50 50 40
Conrad Finzel 45 40 50 40
The Snug 20 16 20 8
Barn Owl Suite 8 8 n/a n/a
Eagle Owl Suite 8 8 n/a n/a

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