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Why choose Clevedon Hall?


Depending on the nature of your event the ability to take a group of people out of their normal environment and transfer themselves into a tranquil environment can be priceless.

Clevedon Hall is a Victorian Mansion set in private grounds with a lake. Allow the sounds of nature in the summer or a wood fire in the winter set your mind at rest to focus on the task at hand.

The Hall is also within easy walking distance of the promenade and the famous Poets Walk so there are short, medium and long strolls you can take to enhance your relaxation.

Or, after a strenuous few hours of work, you may just want to saunter down to our lake to see our heron, Harold, and listen to the sounds of the birds singing and see the splashes from our ducks landing in the lake. All helping to calm your mind. Some clients make use of these features by holding part or all of their event in the grounds, weather permitting of course.


Security and privacy are very important for many of our clients. Perhaps you have an event with a VIP, celebrity or you are engaged in delicate discussions. We can offer total exclusivity allowing you to have as much security and privacy as you feel you need to secure the building and grounds. And, if necessary, we are happy to put a non disclosure agreement in place.

We can also help to secure your digital discussions. The standard setup for our WiFi gives you a virtual network so that you can access the internet but nothing else. Other configurations are available on request.

Finally, for additional peace of mind, we are one of the very few venues that have a standby generator. This means that in the event of any form of power failure we will have standby power within about a few minutes of any failure. Our generator set covers all electricity demands throughout the Hall.


Our customers have told us how important technology is so we have used leading edge technology wherever we can. We are trying to set new standards for corporate events, with short throw projectors, high speed internet access and mobile LCD flat TVs. We can also use the latest cableless technology to transmit your presentation to the screen from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We understand how fast paced modern work life is and the frustration that can be caused with inadequate connectivity. At Clevedon Hall you will have access to not only superfast broadband but also a high capacity WiFi hotspot to make sure, no matter how big your event is, it will meet your demands.

If you like to catch up with work or want to have a video chat with the family or friends while you are away, you will be pleased to find that every one of our bedrooms has a dedicated WiFi hotspot (VLAN) to give you both privacy and connectivity; ensuring the risk of other users seeing your device and activities is significantly reduced.

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