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Clevedon Hall is the ideal location for your business event. Only 5 minutes from the M5 motorway allowing easy access for all those travelling for your event with ample free parking. From senior executive strategy meetings through to larger gatherings we can create the perfect environment for your company away day, meeting or event. Our corporate concierge will ensure you have a truly bespoke event. Alternatively use one of our standard offerings. We also pride ourselves in having the finest facilities and accommodation in the region.

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Businesses in Bristol often build business relationships in the confines of the office. Clients visit and see the spectacular layout of the firm from the inside. Employees are engaged by the environment the business leaders have established, and everyone is hopefully enamoured with the mixture of personal space and business success that happens in a prosperous office.

That same energy is often carried to an external environment. It is a place where the ground is evened. Clients can see the same energy carried into a whole new environment. Employees can expand their respect for the company to a new space. New potential business can be exposed to the company in a fresh new environment. Companies have been using conference venues for decades to reach new heights and present an invigorating new company message and goal to a large audience. It isn’t practical or easily accommodating to express big ideas to a big audience from the local office. Below are six ways in which an external space can benefit the message. How can business leaders take advantage of a new environment to take their efforts in a new direction?

Employee Rewards

Some events can still be very private without necessarily being in the office. The yearly Christmas party can be a valuable way to nod to all high-performing employees in front of their peers. Business Christmas Parties near Bristol publicly acknowledge accomplishments so there is little to no questioning of what someone has received and how. A Christmas party will hopefully instill some transparency, and keeps the event outside the office. It is also a method to get new ideas in an unconventional way. A chat over a cocktail could have some invaluable information.

A Speaker

A speaker can be particularly useful in a few situations. A speaker could come and act as an arbiter for investor interest. A speaker can actually attract fans. By proxy, the company is discussed and thrown into the discussion. The company can, potentially, act as a sponsor for a speaker, and a symbiotic relationship can form. A speaker could be booked as their own independent speech freelancer, who then charges an admission at the door. The company sets up the event and everyone benefits.
The relationship between the speaker and the company can be closely connected or distant. But, the benefits for all parties are clear. The right speaker (with the right company behind him or her) can draw a sizable crowd. The event, as a whole, could even stir a new business relationship. Every company that is looking to grow in the community should have a booking leader who is reaching out to agents and finding new talent to connect with.

Sales Presentations and Investor Interest

Has the year been fantastic? Has it been poor? Both of these scenarios could justify a sales presentation. The former scenario is celebratory, and it may have the ulterior motive of amassing new investor intrigue. The latter scenario could be a play at an acquisition or a transparency campaign to help gather ideas. Many investors and other companies may use another company’s sales presentation as a Business Away Days in Bristol. In short, companies use these events to connect with other firms in the community and seek potential future acquisitions.

Contests and Family

Even a Christmas party can have a business motivation. A company party is established to keep employee connections strong. It is a way to further humanize everyone in the company and, perhaps, meet more people along the way. Contests are a great way to bridge gaps and bring people together. The business leaders are hoping that the parties will promote productivity and encourage greater collaboration. At the very least, everyone can have a good time. A Corporate event venue in Bristol can host family gatherings, dinners, and contests. Everyone involved in the company should have the same odds in the contests. It brings equal involvement for all employees.

A Huge Announcement

In the music industry, there is something called an album listening party. There are also album announcement parties. They are a common way to drum up media interest and connect with the niche leaders. A select few fans can be chosen to come, and media outlets may be reached. The idea is to make a message a little bit grander than it would be otherwise. An announcement can stir some buzz and chatter. A Corporate event venue in Bristol can be used to make a major announcement in the company. Many have organized Corporate Events in Somerset to announce an IPO, a merger, a major promotion, and other substantial game-changing announcements.

Hiring Event

Companies are often looking to expand into a new market or take on a big new challenge. To accomplish this, they will often need new talent. Hiring pools and public hiring events can draw a lot of local talent. The event can be publicly marketed, which will require a lot of resources. The initial interviews can be held in a Conference Venue near Bristol. Tables can then be circled in the next room over, where potential leads can be channeled. The organization can be overseen by a few company leaders. They can engage and interest potential employees by connecting with them on a personal level.

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